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"I love receiving a high return on an investment while totally minimizing my risk."
– Peter S

"The rates of return are tough to find elsewhere and it's nice how they grow tax free in my RRSP."
– Jason S

"I wish I started investing into mortgages earlier. It's a good feeling to know I will be okay for retirement."
– Maria R

"I was frustrated with the erratic returns of my stock market portfolio and decided to give AMF a try. I now get a consistent rate of return on fully secured investments that I have not been able to find elsewhere."
- John F

"I have been a land lord for many years now. After discussing investment opportunities with AMF I have found I can get a better rate of return without any of the hassles."
- Ron T

Advantages of Investments with Alberta Mortgage Funding

Alberta Mortgage Funding provides secure mortgage investments to a network of over one hundred individual private investors. Our lenders are typically local individuals who are seeking a better return on their money than banks or the stock market traditionally provides.

Return on Investment

A secured mortgage investment portfolio can provide higher return on investment than you might think. You choose which unique lending opportunity best suits your investment profile.

The mortgage interest rate is your return. There are no costs borne by the investor and AMF does not take a percentage of the interest rate. All costs are the responsibility of the borrower.


Mortgage investments provide returns that are exactly as expected. You will know what your return is with every mortgage you invest in. There are no unexpected fluctuations in your portfolio and payments are received monthly.


  • Mortgages are secured by property value and registered at Alberta Land Titles
  • Your funds are never handled by AMF. They are paid "in trust" to our Edmonton or Calgary law firms who ensure all conditions are met prior to releasing proceeds to the borrower.
  • All mortgages are funded DIRECTLY into the investors name. AMF never purchases the mortgage and then tries to "sell it off".
  • All terms and conditions of the mortgage are set by you and all ongoing decisions are yours to make.
  • Should a file require legal collection, it is handled by Witten LLP Edmonton (or a law firm of your choosing).


All administration of mortgage can be handled by Alberta Mortgage Funding at no cost to you with all mortgage set up fees being payable by borrower.

RRSP eligible

Our mortgage investments are RRSP eligible allowing your portfolio to grow tax free.

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